i am in the process of working out index cards for all items for the game.  hoping once I get this going I will be able to work blog easier by just adding new index cards for new items and transferring to the blog.  Thank you for your patience with me trying to set this up for you.  I know all the pages are BADLY in need of updating and I am working on that and hope to have it nearly up to date very soon like this summer.  Thanks for understanding…


I was a huge Country Life fan until I found this other line of Facebook games that is very similar but includes a lot more things to put in your game plus fairly regular updates.  They have even sometimes had cool seasonal related, sometimes limited time cool items to place in your game.  These games include:

Fettoria Felice
Mi Ranchito
Super Ferme
Fazenda Feliz
Happy Land
Family Farm

You can download each of these games separately to your facebook account and play several copies of the game on one facebook account!

One last thing.  When I use Dorfleben in the guides, I use them in a general reference to refer to any/all of listed games.    Use the following links to move around my blog, and click on Home to return back here.  I hope you enjoy this resource.

Part 1: Basic Game Play
Part 2: Seeds & Trees
Part 3: Gear
Part 4: Animals
Part 5: Buildings

And for information on current game goals (right now there is a Christmas one…in past have been a Halloween one, a French one and a German one) …

If you wish to contact me,  you can do so here.


9 Responses to Welcome!

  1. farmgames says:

    Oh it sounds like a very good blog. I am really looking forward to your articles.

  2. Pat Allen says:

    When are you gonna up-date this blog to July of 2012? I enjoy the info – it is very helpful. I hope to see something new on my return visit, Looking forward to the next input. Keep up the good work. You can contact me through Family Farm or messenger. THANKS Pat Allen

  3. trishay79 says:

    I am really having a hard time keeping up with this blog. If anyone wants to help or take over please let me know. I like the idea but I just can’t keep up 😦

  4. Carla Windows says:

    Trishay79, I’ve been playing for over a year & would like to help you with the site if possible. I’m “a little” OCD. I’ve compiled detailed & alphabetized lists of every gear. This list is mostly of their uses with the most profitable use of each product highlighted. I’m willing to share this list with anyone. I try to keep it updated weekly with each new product as it’s released.

  5. TillyDuck says:

    Hi, I looking for information please – I’ve been enjoying playing Super Farm for a while now & have successfully reached level 39 without any major problems. However I recently (foolishly) gave permission to share apparently everything I do, with all my facebook contacts, who I’ve noticed are being bombarded with posts trying to get them to sign up to the game. It’s ruined it for me – I want to stop it, but how do I do it please?

    • trishay79 says:

      unfortunately I don’t know how to stop it, I think there is something on their end where they can stop game notifications. I use a separate account for gaming

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I want to know if there is any way to make friends besides having your own friends on facebook for neighbors. I need things but none of my friends play the game.

    • trishay79 says:

      Yes! You must be willing to add people you might not actually know. Two things you can do:

      1. In the search box type in “family farm neighbors” ….”dorfleben neighbors” etc. change name of game depending which game you are needing neighbors for. Join groups that come up. Groups with more members are better. Then add friends from the group, sometimes there is an “add me post” in the group, you’ll have to read through some of the group messages to figure out what I mean.

      2. In your search bar type the name of the game. “dorfleben” …”family farm” … etc etc. Enter/search. Click on People tab. Should give you a list of obvious people who play the game you can friend.

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