Gear Machines Requiring RC for Completion

A lot of the gear machines in Dorfleben/Landleven/Fattoria Felice/Super Ferme/Fazenda Feliz require parts which cost Ranch Cash.  I am listing these here so you can purchase them when you have enough RC for the items to nearly complete them.

A word of advice: Save all screws and gear.  They are required for more than one machine.

I will be adding to this list as I level up and as the game developers add new gear machines.

Coffee Mahine. 
Uses 10 gear parts and 10 screws parts which can either be purcahsed for 1 RC each or recieved as gifts.
Requires purhase of  Glass Jar for 5 RC and Funnel for 8 RC for total of 13 RC.

Yogurt Machine.
Requires goat milk.  Goat costs between 20 RC and 50 RC for 3 different various goats.

Candy Machine.
Requires 15 gear and 15 screws which can be purchased for 1 RC each or received from friends as gifts.
Requires purchase of sugar plate (10 RC) and fruit tube (12 RC) for total of 22 RC.


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2 Responses to Gear Machines Requiring RC for Completion

  1. Michele says:

    There is´nt anything about the Cake Machine , and i can see that we need 7 RC to buy Cake Mould … Is this true ?

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