Gear Machines: What products do they use?

Gear Machines in Dorfleben games and similar games use products from trees, plants and animals to make a new product.  This post lists what thes machines need to work.

Baker.  Uses cows milk, eggs and flour.  Final product is bread.
Beer Machine.  Uses hops and either barley or wheat.  Final product is various beers.
Brick or Dutch Mill (this is actually located in building category).  Uses wheat to make flour.
Cake Machine.  Uses chicken eggs, and flower along with Almonds, Lemons, Coconut and Gisela cherry to make cakes.
Candy Machine.  Uses sugar and fruit.  Final product is hard candy.
Chicken Coop. Uses corn.  Final product is eggs.
Cheese Master.  Uses milk from goat, cow or dromedary (camel). Final product is various cheeses.
Coffee Machine. Uses milk from cow and coffee grounds from coffee bean plant.  Final product is coffee in mugs.
Cool Packer.   Uses champignon (mushroom), carrot, lettuce, red peppers, onion and potatoes.  Final product is packed vegetables.
Cream Machine.
Uses eggs and milk from cow. Final product is cream.
Deer CoopUses bean.  Final prouct is deer meat.
Flower Packing.
  Uses flowers.  Final product is various flower boquets.
Hot Dog Machine.  Uses salami (salami machine), Ketchup (Ketchup Machine), and Flour (brick or dutch mill).  Final product is hot dogs.
Incomplete Yogurt. Uses various fruits or chocolate, honey from clover/bees, and goat milk.  Final product is various flavors yogurt.
Jam Machine.   Uses various fruits and honey.  Final product is various flavors jam. Ketchup Whiz. Uses tomatoes.  Final product is ketchup.
Oil Press. Uses Palm, Bean, Olive and Peanut.  Final product is various oils.
Pie Machine.  Use flour and fruit.  Final product is various fruit pies.
Pig Coop.  Uses sweet potato.  Final product is pork.
Pumpkin L. Machine. Uses halloween pumpkins.  Possibly seasonal limited time item. Final product carved halloween pumpin with candle.
Salami Machine.  Uses beef from cattle (pasture). Final product is salami.
Sugar Machine. Uses cane.  Final product is sugar cubes.
Tea Machine. Uses tea leaves.  Final product is green tea.
Weaver.  Uses rabbit, dromedary (camel), sheep, and alpaca hair.  Final product is various sweaters.
Winemaker.  Uses grapes. Final product is grape wine.


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6 Responses to Gear Machines: What products do they use?

  1. Jane says:

    They have also introduced a Hat Machine which cost RC for the peacock and ostrich feathers, a Hot Dog machine which needs Salami+flour+ tomato ketchup, Ice Cream maker which will take fruit and Cream and the cake maker uses the Almonds, Lemons and Coconut as well now. Various new animals, plants and machines are bugged though unfortunately.

    • trishay79 says:

      Were these introduced on dorfleben TEST? Because I have not yet seen these on/in any of the “regular” games. Hopefully the fact you’ve seen them means we wil be seeing them soon. always wished for an ice cream machine. We have the cake machine.

    • trishay79 says:

      I am looking forward to ice cream machine and hat machine, have not seen those in the game yet!

  2. Jane says:

    The tea maker appears to of gone, they have introduced a new Pizza and Butter maker.

    • Lisa says:

      You are right, I don’t see the tea maker anymore in the shop. I wonder if they are updating it to hold other crops or something.

      Yes butter machine and pizza machine are new along with a teddy bear machine.

      Check out the Gear page which i update more often than this post.

      Still have not seen the hat and ice cream machines but wish we had them!

  3. Christa says:

    Sauce machine also makes apple sauce. It sells for 26 coins each. I wish you could use the apple sauce to make apple sauce cake in the cake machine…but you can’t do anything with it as far as I know.

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