Goals for Dorfleben

Completing goals in your game allows you to earn points and other goodies which in turn allow you to level up.  Here is a list of many of the goals in Dorfleben games, not necessarily in the proper order:

1. Take out the cheese master from your gift box.
2. Gain 10 wheat.  Process 10 bags of flour.
3. Gain 10 clover. Process 10 bottles of milk.
4. Move the cheese master.
5. Produce  5 cheese.
6. Plant 4 clover.
7. Place the fertilizer in your farm.
8. Fertilize 16 times.
9.  Place the bee hive in your farm.
10. Gain 4 bottles of honey.
11. Buy 1 white fence.
12. Help your friends fertilize 5 times.
13. Buy 25 fertilizer.
14. Plant 20 clover.  Place 5 pieces of land.
15. Plant 4 pasture. Harvest 4 pasture.
16. Buy 1 limousin cattle.  Produce 4 pieces of beef.
17. Plant 4 wheat. harvest 4 wheat.
18. Produce 4 bags of flour.
19.  Buy a beehive. Produce 10 honey.
20.  Buy an apple tree.  Gain apples for 1 time.
21. Harvest 5 Lavendar.
22. Purchase one hay bale.
23. Produce 10 bottles of milk. Gain 10 honey.
24. Plant 10 grape.
25. Purchase 25 super fertililzer.
26. Harvest 10 grapes.
27. Build green house.
28.  Gain 30 goat milk.
29.  Gain 30 Wine.
30.  Gain 30 salami.


About trishay79

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and love to travel around the state. I like anything frugal related including getting free things with coupons and saving money on travel and entertainment. I am also an avid crocheter. My blogs reflect my interests.
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