About Me

I ama resident of Wisconsin and I love animals, especially golden retrievers.  I a big fan of facebook games.  My all time favorites are Dorfleben and copycats including the more basic Country Life and Country Life (Lite).  I also love Ravenwood Fair and I  have dabbled with Cityville, Pyramidville, and Stoned Cows in the past.  My other hobbies include making things using computers, yarn and other materials and equipment and being frugal.  I have a few other blogs related to my other interests:


hope you enjoy my blog(s)!

Please contact me at trishay79@yahoo.com with any questions or comments.  I


6 Responses to About Me

  1. Pat Allen says:

    when are you gonna update this blog to 2012???? Where is the new missions & quest for family farm??

    • trishay79 says:

      Unfortunately my “good” computer got some viruses on it and is being fixed. Since I cannot play games on my current computer due to not enough memory and it being old…I am unable to update the blog at this time. Limited computer access and slow computer access making it impossible for me to be able to do all the things I normally do. I am hoping my laptop is fixed soon so I can get back to updating here. I am sorry for the delays and missing things.

    • trishay79 says:

      as of july 21 this is currently being updated. my laptop is still being fixed so it will take me longer than usual to update this.

  2. Pat Allen says:

    TY for the reply. Eagerly waiting to see the up-grade. Keep up the good work. So glad I found this page {by accident }. THANKS Pat

  3. Bernie says:

    Hi I’m a new player and this page has been a great help. Thank you for all the hard work you have done to produce it. I look forward to further updates when your computer is fixed. Best wishes – Bernie

  4. Will says:

    Would you be making a list of the profits of other stuff like eggs, beef, etc? thank you.

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