Latest Goals

Occasionally the Dorfleben games will have special goals you can complete to earn special things for your game.  In the past we had Halloween Theme goals, French theme goals and German theme goals.  Most of the time the prize is something that normally requires ranch cash to get so it can save you quite a bit in the game to complete these goals.

They have a new set of “Classic Goals” and “New Goals”.  I will list these as I become aware of them.

Carnival Goals:
Scratch Card.  Play the scratch off game; if you win you get what ever it shows on 3 matching scratch offs.  I think you get 2 tries and after that wait one week to play again; extra plays before one week cost 5 RC to play again.  Possible prizes to win include:
*super fertilizer
*gas can
*White Horse
*Watering Can
*Brown Goat

New Goals:
Crazy Monday:
Harvest 20 tomatoes.  Produce 20 beef.

Classic Goals:
Japanese Week:
1. Harvest 60 corn.
2. Produce 70 eggs.
3.  Create a sushi machine, and produce 80 egg sushi
4. Find the Omamori in the sakura petals
5. Produce 60 salmon sushi.

Felicia’s Sweetest Dreams
1. Harvest 50 chardonnay.   Produce 50 bottles of champagne.
2. Build a chocolate machine.
3.  Harvest 10 almond.  Make 10 almond chocolates.
4. Help Felicia find the almond chocolate.
5. Ask for 10 little molds from neighbors.
6.  Find 10 ribbons in walnut chocolates.

Prize: 1 white duck pond and 1 white duck

Visit to Grandma
1. Harvest 30 blue roses.

Movie Time!
1. Plant 25 vanilla.   Harvest 25 vanilla.
2. Harvest 40 grapes. Make 40 wine.
3.  Find the Titanic.
4. Place and build a popcorn machine
5. Harvest 80 corn. Produce 80 vanilla popcorn.

Prize: Choice of Yellow Lab dog or Fast Salami Machine

Viva Italia
1. Harvest 12 basil
2. Harvest 25 cherry tomato
3. Buy a pasta machine
4. Make 45 pasta with pesto
5. Make 45 pasta with tomato.
6.  Collect 10 tickets

Prize: Italian goat

Germany Week:
1.  Harvest 20 blue cornflowers
2.  Create 30 buffalo milk cheese.
3.  ??? sorry missed this one
4.  Find the zither.
5. Produce 50 wine.  Put grapes in the wine machine to make wine.
6.  Collect flowers from friends.

Prize: German shepherd dog

Romantic Dinner Party
1. Harvest 20 forget me nots.
2. Harvest 40 white grapes.  Make 40 white wine.
3.  Find wine glasses. (game)
4. Harvest 80 love fruits.  Make 40 love cakes.
5.  Build a table of romance.
6.  Collect 8 love cards from neighbors.

Prize: Love Cow

Farmers Wedding
1. Harvest 28 Love Roses
2. Put up a love sign
3.  Complete a teddy bear machine
4. Produce 40 wool.  Create 40 red teddy bears.
5.  Produce 60 angora hair.  create 60 blue teddy bears.
6.  Complete a fountain of love

Prize: Love Super Beehive

Fries Frenzy
1. Harvest 30 Tomatoes
2. Make 50 ketchup.
3.  Find the hygiene certificate in one of the envelopes (game)
4.  Complete a french fry machine
5.  Put duck eggs in the sauce machine to make 50 mayonnaise.  Make 50 french fries with mayonnaise.
6.  Collect 10 french fry holders from neighbors.

Prize: Bee Pig Coop & 2 Bee Pigs

New Mission:
1. Harvest 15 carrots
2. Harvest 15 ginger
3. Produce 30 gingerbread cookies
4. Place 2 candy fences
5.  Make chocolate walnut cookies
6.   Find the right bridge (game)
7.    Produce 60 bottles of red wine
8. Produce 70 christmas chocolate cookies
9.  Collect 10 walnuts by harvesting chocolate trees
10.  Produce 12 tiramisu to bribe the mouse kings guards

St. Nicholas’ Horse
1. Plant carrots
2. fertilize neighbors crops to find shoes.
3.  Build a hot drink machine
4.  Make hot chocolate.
5.  Find the bag of gifts behind the door.
6. Collect 10 St. Nicholas chocolates from your neighbor.

Prize: Mandarin Tree

Spooky Week
1. Harvest 20 halloween pumpkins.
2. Get the scary scarecrow from your gift box and put it on your ranch.
3.  Produce 30 pumpkin lanterns (prize is a halloween sheep)
4.  Play find the pumpkin monster game
5. Harvest 50 Halloween Sugar
6.  Use the cookie machine to make 66 Halloween Cookies
7. Save Darryl’s Sorry Soul (game) (prize is candy apple/corn machine)
8.  Produce 48 Candy apples
9.  Produce 90 candy corn
10. Make pirate costumes— (halloween cattle reward)
11.  Find 10 treats by fertilizing your neighbors crops
12. Construct a ghost castle

Prize: Black Pegasus horse

Kangaroo Week:
1.  Build a Kangaroo Habitat
2. Harvest 10 apples

Japanese Week
1.  Harvest 20 corn
2.  Make 30 eggs.
3.  Create a sushi machine.  Create 45 egg sushi.
4. Find the Omamori in the pile of Sakura petals.
5.  Create 10 Salmon sushi.
6. Collect 10 paper cranes from neighbors.

Prize: Samurai dog

Dutch Week
1.  Harvest 10 cucumbers; harvest 10 tomatoes.
2.  Harvest 28 grapes.  Make 28 grape juice.
3. Find the wallet in the piles of sand.  (hint: mine was in lower right corner)
4. Collect 10 sunscreens from friends.
5. Find 8 star fish (by producing cherry juice)

Prize: Grapefruit tree

Tour of France
1.  Produce 50 milk cheese
2.  Add grapes to wine machine for 30 wine
3.  Win snail race.
4.  Make 45 oat flour.  Make 45 Oat bread.
5.  Collect 10 TGV tickets.
6. Harvest 60 chardonnay.  Produce 60 bottles of champagne.

Prize: French wine machine and coffee funnel

New Mission: American Week
1. Harvest 30 Oat. (not sure on the number on this one being right)
2. Bake 30 oatmeal cookies

Prize: White horse (not same as brown horse; white horse makes horse’s milk)


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