Part 1: Basic Game Play

***Temporary note: This page will be added to as I learn more about the game.   I am posting what I have in hopes of helping someone with what little I managed to complete so far.  This page will be continue to be updated until completed.   If you have helpful info to share with me please do…*****

Starting Game Play:

Starting play begins on a relatively open plain which you will use to build your Dorfleben Ranch. The two Keys to Sucess in Dorfleben games are neighbors and checking in to your game daily.      Neighbors are necessary to build and receive gifts.  You also get points and coins from clicking on them in your game.

On your ranch, you will see 14 fully grown Wheat crops, 12 fully grown Clover crops, and 6 empty plowed plots. You will also have a Holstein Cow Animal and a Dutch Mill. Harvest the fully grown crops.  Fill the Dutch Mill with Wheat, and feed the clover to the Holstein Cow to produce Milk.  Sell the Flour from the Dutch Mill.  Then make sure you are completing all tasks the game gives you.  This will allow you to earn points and other goodies which in turn will help you level up.

When you have done this, you will be well on your way to your new Dorfleben game. Come back to the game area after crops are complete, harvest crops, follow the production process, and repeat until you have generated greater profits to allow for a more diverse crops selection.

The Dorfleben Menu:

Multi Tool: Use the Multi tool to accomplish many of the tasks and actions in the Dorfleben game. Planting seeds, feeding animals, harvesting crops, collecting products, etc. are accomplished with this tool. The multi tool requires OP’s to work so I try to avoid using it.

Plow Tool: Use the Plow tool to plow new plots.   Dorfleben plots do not have to be re-plowed after harvesting (which is a nice feature compared to other similar games like Farmville). Take care to accurately place the new plots, but don’t worry if a mistake is made as the Move tool can be used to make any necessary adjustments (it can just be frustrating waiting on the plot to be plowed in order to move it).

Move Tool: Use the Move tool to move plowed plots, planted seeds, fully grown crops, buildings, gear, animals, trees, etc.

Sell Tool: Use the Sell tool to delete items from the game screen. Some items can be sold for Dorfleben coins. To date, there is not a way to store unwanted items, so selling is the only way to remove unnecessary items from the game screen.

Barn: The Barn is your personal market center in the Dorfleben game. Once you have harvested crops, they will be added to the barn. Visit the barn and sell the crops or products that you wish. Be careful, selling is accomplished in one click, and if you sell a crop or product that you could use to produce a more lucrative item, those items will be gone.

Store: Visit the Store to see all of the great Dorfleben Seeds, Gear, Buildings, Animals, Ranch Expansions, etc. which are available for Dorflben Coins and Ranch Cash.

Gifts: Find all of the Gifts you accept in the Gifts options on the Dorfleben menu.

Achievements: Find a list of the achievments that are available and the ones you have already earned.   If you are a high level player make sure to still check back here often.  They have added a bunch of new achievement rewards in most of the categories since I started playing.

Additional Neat Tools
Above the tools on the menu, there are some additional options for the Dorfleben gamer. From right to left on the game screen, they are as described in the following list.

Toggle Full Screen: Enter and exit the full screen game mode. This becomes increasingly helpful as the Ranch expands.  When in full screen mode you can also press the ESC button on your keyboard to get out of full screen mode.

Toggle Visibility of Trees and Tall Buildings: Arranging Dorfleben Buildings and Gear can get cumbersome on newer, smaller ranches. The Dorfleben game accounts for this by allowing players the ability to hide trees and tall buildings like the Dutch Mill and Brick Mill to see/use items which may be hidden behind them.

Take a Picture: Snap a photo and share it on your Facebook wall. Show your friends how your doing out on the Ranch.

Zoom In: Get a closer look by using the Zoom out option.

Zoom Out: Zoom out to see more of your Ranch and make it easy to do the chores.

Experience (XP) is gained by completing actions in game play. Plowing a field, planting a seed, or using a crop in a Dorfleben Gear or Production Building will result in the earning of a Dorfleben XP point. Gaining XP will result in the player leveling up. New seeds, gear, gifts, etc. become available to the player as they achieve new, higher levels.

Level 2 — 30 XP
Level 3 — 70 XP
Level 4 — 120 XP
Level 5 — 280 XP
Level 6 — 500
Level 10 — 1,950 XP
Level 11 — 2,500 XP
Level 13— 3,800 XP
Level 16 — 6,500 XP
Level 26 — 26,600 XP
Level 51 — 276,500 XP


17 x 17:  30 RC or 15,000 coins
19 x 19:  40 RC or 35,000 coins
21 x 21:   50 RC or 75,000 coins
23 x 23:  60 RC or 250,000 coins
25 x 25:   70 RC or 600,000 coins
27 x 27:  80 RC or 1,000,000 Coins
29 x 29: 90 RC or  1,500,000 Coins
31 x 31: 100 RC or  2,400,000 Coins
33 x 33: 110 RC or  3,200,000 Coins
35 x 35: 120 RC or  4,000,000 Coins

Small Yard: 60 RC or 250,000 Coins
Medium Yard:  70 RC or 600,000 Coins
Large Yard: 80 RC or 1,000,000 Coins
XL Yard: 100 RC or  2,000,000 Coins
XXL Yard: 200 RC or  4,000,000 Coins


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