Part 5: Buildings

I do believe most buildings in Dorfleben games are for decoration only.  I found at least 2 that serve a purpose.  I will list buildings that I find serve a purpose here.  If you know of any I’ve missed please let me know!

Brick or Dutch Mill:
Produces flour which is used to make a number of products in the game.  The Brick Mill also produces cornmeal.

Allows you to fertilize plots.
Requires several pipe stacks, and glass panes to assemble which can be received as gifts.
Requires drill gear and water pump for assembly and RC is required to purchase these two items.
Also requires sprinklers to be placed on plots in order to work. These can be received as gifts or purchased for RC.

Requires paint, wood and tile for assembly.  All of these items can be received as gifts.  Some levels require items that require RC to level up.

The warehouse can be used to store various animals, decorations, and gear when not in use.  It saves room in your game by only needing the items you currently want to use in your game at one time.

To place items in your warehouse.  My comment was wrong you can place gear, decorations and animals in here .   You can NOT place trees or land plots in here.  To place items in warehouse, go to the move button and select the one that looks like a warehouse.  Then click on item you want to move into the ware house to place.

Tree Warehouse

Botanical Hedge
Sell for 5366

Botanical Arch Hedge (Side)
Sell for 10643
Aloe Vera–30

Botanical Arc Hedge (Top)
Sell for 6349
White Hibiscus–30
Green Rose–30

Botanical Arc Hedge (Bottom)
Sell For 2749
Rotala –30
Black Rose–30

Heart-Shaped Floral Arch
Sell For 9843
Love Rose–40
Goose Feather–40
Tinsel Crop–40

Floral Eiffel Tower
Sell For 3019
Orange Ribbon–8
Eiffel Tower Model–10

Fairy Garden Moss Terrarium
Sell 5510
Green Moss–60


15 Responses to Part 5: Buildings

  1. mary foster says:

    How do you use the warehouse ? I have bought it and leveled up to level 2 but cannot work out how to use /store in it ? Any help would be appreciated thanks

    • trishay79 says:

      What you need to do is click by the move button and there should be a warehouse there. double click on warehouse next to move button. Then click over a gear item (only gear can be stored that I can figure) and you should get a yellow box below the gear item. Click on the item when you get that yellow. The item should then appear in the ware house. To put the item back in your game, go into the ware house and select use. and place back in your game. Hope this helps.

      • mary foster says:

        A big thank you for your quick response and very helpful 🙂 can now get a bit tidier lol
        once again thank you 🙂

  2. trishay79 says:

    Glad that helped you. I had trouble with the same thing initially but then finally figured it out 🙂

  3. mary foster says:

    how many bricks do you need for the brick mill as would like to get stuff before i buy so doesnt take up space on something i cannot use straight away. thanks 🙂

  4. brillianth says:

    I get confused RC, is there a quick way to obtain the RC besides leveling? please help me, a lot of machines that can not be used because I do not have RC. I appreciate your help 🙂

    • trishay79 says:

      If you sign in every day you will eventually get 10 RC here and there. You need to sign in to your game for several days consecutively without skipping days. Each day you get a reward for signing in, it is often cash/coins but sometimes it is OP operating points, sometimes RC of different amounts, if you sign in enough days consecutively it eventually gives you 10 RC at a time. You can also purchase them. Walmart has gift cards to put credits on your account if you don’t want to use paypal or a credit card and want to purchase RC I suggest you get the blue facebook cards from Walmart.

  5. brillianth says:

    whether in Indonesia there is a blue facebook card? 🙂

  6. Michella says:

    Would like to bye Warehouse in Super ferme Family Barn but it says that I have to get 6 new neighbors before I can build it…That is not fair. How do I get about that????

    • trishay79 says:

      I would try to get your friends who play landleven and dorfleben to add you as a friend on the game. A lot of games require you to have a certain number of friends to build/make a lot of items. Not sure why, this is just how the game writers did it.

  7. Michella says:

    Thank you so much for your reply I already have over 60 neighbors but I can not use them it has to be new neighbors it will cost me 24 Ranch Cash just to get started That is so not fair and ok. However I love playing this game but it is getting more and more expensive

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