Part 6: Special Gear

Special Gear is gear items that are either limited time holiday related gear or gear received after completing tasks.  Like my other items I will add information as it becomes available to me.

Cookie Machine:
Cost 1,000 Coins
— Available: Buy @ Level 1
— Base Crop: Clover, Wheat, Heart Chocolate
— Additional Requirements: Wheat from Brick Mill or Dutch Mill, Milk from Cow, Christmas Chocolate received as gifts
— Production: Cookies in 70s (seventy seconds)
Heart Cookies: 225 Coins
Christmas Cookies: 260 Coins

Teddy Bear Machine
— Available:
— Base Crop: Carrots, Wheat
— Additional Requirements:  Wool or Angora Hair from Weaver
— Production: Teddy Bear in 70s (seventy seconds)
Wool Teddy Bear:
Angora Teddy Bear:


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