Part 7: Decorations

Surprisingly enough, I’ve found that certain decorative items give you cash value after a certain number of hours!  I will add to this as I learn more.  Right now all I know is a couple things that generate cash but no time or cash amount knowledge on them.  Will add more detail later.  The items that make cash I am aware of are:

Aviaries Park
Table of Romance (this was a limited time Valentines day 2012 item)


One Response to Part 7: Decorations

  1. Pat Allen says:

    breakfast nook – samoyed puppy – Easter basket – These are some other decorations that give coins. The Vineyard Mansion also does, but I am unaware of where you find it at. I have seen it on a lot of my neighbors farms. And some kind of Polar Bear that I noticed visiting neighbors farms.

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