Planting Decisions

If you are a new player of the dorfleben group of games, you might (or maybe not) wonder if there is a way to determine what to plant.   One way to play the game is of course, to plant whatever you want when you want.  However, there are a few things in the game that you can use to decide what to plant that can help you be successful in the game.

The best way to determine what to plant is to complete any type of goals.  Places to find goals would be the circle located on the right on the very top area of your game or items to the left of the game that you can click on that tell you to plant or harvest things.   Anything else that requires completing goals, such as completing animal related things like the recent squirrel or kitty things, can also be used to determine what to plant.   Completing these goals will help you level up and get good prizes.

If you don’t need to plant anything currently to complete your goals, you can go ahead and plant anything.  When this happens to me, I usually think about what I will be doing over the next few hours or days.  If I won’t be around for 6 hours, I plant things that are 7 or less hours of grow time.  Or if I am going to be around for awhile I will plant something 3 hours or less grow time.  If I will be away for most of the next day or 2 I try to plant something more than 14 hours.  When I go to bed I will often plant something that takes 12 hours of growing time.  This way my crops are ready to harvest when I am!

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Goals for Dorfleben

Completing goals in your game allows you to earn points and other goodies which in turn allow you to level up.  Here is a list of many of the goals in Dorfleben games, not necessarily in the proper order:

1. Take out the cheese master from your gift box.
2. Gain 10 wheat.  Process 10 bags of flour.
3. Gain 10 clover. Process 10 bottles of milk.
4. Move the cheese master.
5. Produce  5 cheese.
6. Plant 4 clover.
7. Place the fertilizer in your farm.
8. Fertilize 16 times.
9.  Place the bee hive in your farm.
10. Gain 4 bottles of honey.
11. Buy 1 white fence.
12. Help your friends fertilize 5 times.
13. Buy 25 fertilizer.
14. Plant 20 clover.  Place 5 pieces of land.
15. Plant 4 pasture. Harvest 4 pasture.
16. Buy 1 limousin cattle.  Produce 4 pieces of beef.
17. Plant 4 wheat. harvest 4 wheat.
18. Produce 4 bags of flour.
19.  Buy a beehive. Produce 10 honey.
20.  Buy an apple tree.  Gain apples for 1 time.
21. Harvest 5 Lavendar.
22. Purchase one hay bale.
23. Produce 10 bottles of milk. Gain 10 honey.
24. Plant 10 grape.
25. Purchase 25 super fertililzer.
26. Harvest 10 grapes.
27. Build green house.
28.  Gain 30 goat milk.
29.  Gain 30 Wine.
30.  Gain 30 salami.

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Gear Machines: What products do they use?

Gear Machines in Dorfleben games and similar games use products from trees, plants and animals to make a new product.  This post lists what thes machines need to work.

Baker.  Uses cows milk, eggs and flour.  Final product is bread.
Beer Machine.  Uses hops and either barley or wheat.  Final product is various beers.
Brick or Dutch Mill (this is actually located in building category).  Uses wheat to make flour.
Cake Machine.  Uses chicken eggs, and flower along with Almonds, Lemons, Coconut and Gisela cherry to make cakes.
Candy Machine.  Uses sugar and fruit.  Final product is hard candy.
Chicken Coop. Uses corn.  Final product is eggs.
Cheese Master.  Uses milk from goat, cow or dromedary (camel). Final product is various cheeses.
Coffee Machine. Uses milk from cow and coffee grounds from coffee bean plant.  Final product is coffee in mugs.
Cool Packer.   Uses champignon (mushroom), carrot, lettuce, red peppers, onion and potatoes.  Final product is packed vegetables.
Cream Machine.
Uses eggs and milk from cow. Final product is cream.
Deer CoopUses bean.  Final prouct is deer meat.
Flower Packing.
  Uses flowers.  Final product is various flower boquets.
Hot Dog Machine.  Uses salami (salami machine), Ketchup (Ketchup Machine), and Flour (brick or dutch mill).  Final product is hot dogs.
Incomplete Yogurt. Uses various fruits or chocolate, honey from clover/bees, and goat milk.  Final product is various flavors yogurt.
Jam Machine.   Uses various fruits and honey.  Final product is various flavors jam. Ketchup Whiz. Uses tomatoes.  Final product is ketchup.
Oil Press. Uses Palm, Bean, Olive and Peanut.  Final product is various oils.
Pie Machine.  Use flour and fruit.  Final product is various fruit pies.
Pig Coop.  Uses sweet potato.  Final product is pork.
Pumpkin L. Machine. Uses halloween pumpkins.  Possibly seasonal limited time item. Final product carved halloween pumpin with candle.
Salami Machine.  Uses beef from cattle (pasture). Final product is salami.
Sugar Machine. Uses cane.  Final product is sugar cubes.
Tea Machine. Uses tea leaves.  Final product is green tea.
Weaver.  Uses rabbit, dromedary (camel), sheep, and alpaca hair.  Final product is various sweaters.
Winemaker.  Uses grapes. Final product is grape wine.

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Gear Machines Requiring RC for Completion

A lot of the gear machines in Dorfleben/Landleven/Fattoria Felice/Super Ferme/Fazenda Feliz require parts which cost Ranch Cash.  I am listing these here so you can purchase them when you have enough RC for the items to nearly complete them.

A word of advice: Save all screws and gear.  They are required for more than one machine.

I will be adding to this list as I level up and as the game developers add new gear machines.

Coffee Mahine. 
Uses 10 gear parts and 10 screws parts which can either be purcahsed for 1 RC each or recieved as gifts.
Requires purhase of  Glass Jar for 5 RC and Funnel for 8 RC for total of 13 RC.

Yogurt Machine.
Requires goat milk.  Goat costs between 20 RC and 50 RC for 3 different various goats.

Candy Machine.
Requires 15 gear and 15 screws which can be purchased for 1 RC each or received from friends as gifts.
Requires purchase of sugar plate (10 RC) and fruit tube (12 RC) for total of 22 RC.

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Getting Extra Coins, RC, XPs and OPs in Dorfleben & Similar Games

Abbreviations in this article:
XP: Exprience points.  You need these to level up.  Leveling up is good becuse it allows you to purchase new items in the shopping area.

OP: Operating points.  Use these to automatically feed animals and run machines without manually filling them yourself.

RC: Ranch cash.  You need this for some of the gear machines to add parts to complete them.  This can also be used for goodies like fertilizer etc for your game.  This will be discussed in depth in another post.

There are a few ways to get extra coins and points in dorfleben/landleven/fettoria felice/super ferme/fazenda feliz games.  So far the ones I have disovered include:

1.  To earn potential of 10 XP and 35 coins:
One of the easiest ways to earn XP’s and coins is having friends.  Inside your game, click on friends in the row of friends on bottom of your screen.  If you click on the green accept button to fertilizing their crops, you get 5 XP and 10 coins. 
If you actually click on a plot in their game that is not 100% grown you get another 1 XP and 5 coins for each plot of land for potential 1 XP and up to 25 total additional coins.

2. To get different amounts of coins, RC or OP’s:
The other easiest way to earn “game goodies” is to sign in every day.  Just by logging in to your account you will receive something good.  It could be extra coins, extra OPs or even extra RC!

3.  To get various numbers of XPs and OPs:
Completing achievements will give you extra XPs and OPs of varying numbers, higher achievements yield higher XPs and OPs.   If you click on the ribbon you will open up an area that tells you different achievements.  You get OP’s and XP’s for completing different tasks lised in this section.

4. To get 20 extra coins:
 Add an application called Game Gift Finder.  Search for game you want such as dorfleben and click on Get Coins.    Fettoria Felice, Landleven, Fazenda Feliz unfortunately are not included in this application.  To get 20 extra coins for any of the games:
Sign into your facebook account.
On right side of your screen click on your name.
On your wall and your friends who play the games walls, there are lots of posts that should say something like:
Let’s Play Family Barn (or othe game) together! from someone who fertilized crops.  Click on get coins
Help! I need cloth spools! (or any other item)  click on help me.  Note: Ive not figure out if you get any kind f points/coins for helping friends.  If anyone knows please let us know.
Candace Hamilton (or other friends name) reached level 9.  click to get coins.
Someone completed a task  click on get coins.

5.  To get 1 XP (or more):
Planting something on an empty plot and filling a gear machine one time will both yield 1 XP.  So if you have 20 plots and plant something in all 20 it will give you 20 XP.  Filling a gear machine 3 times wll give you 3 XP etc.

6.  To earn coins:
Selling products from seeds and trees will yield coins.  However a word of caution when doing this.  If you save items from seeds and trees you can use them in gear machines and animals.  Products sold from gear and/or animals yield higher cash.  For example, if you sell pasture which costs 15 coins… you get 17 coins which is 2 coins profit selling pasture.  However if you feed this to cattle you receive 20 coins which is a 5 coin profit.  So you are better off feeding to animals.  Products from animals are often used for gear machines.  I will be doing extensive posts explaining all this in the future.

Note: If you can think of a way to get coins, XPs, RC or OPs that i’ve missed please let me know! Thank you!

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I am a big fan of facebook farm games.  My favorites are Country Life and  Country Life (Lite) which are quite similar.  I also love Dorfleben, Landleven, Fettoria Felice, Super Ferme and Fazenda Feliz which are similar to the Country Life games except they have a lot more options to choose from as far as trees, animals, gear and seeds possibilities.  This blog is meant to be a resource for other fans of these games.

If you are a high level experienced player of any of these games and want to help out with my blog, please contact me.

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