New Items Page!

NEW ITEMS PAGE. I will date and list new things I am aware of here. This is a possible spoiler if you like surprises. Read at your own risk!

New items include:
Can Machine Gear
Butter Machine
Pizza Machine 2 Gear
White Grape
Pitaya flower
Lychee Tree

New items include:
the Goose pond and goose along with Rotola food for goose
hot dog machine
Edelweiss seed
Deer Love Animal

New items include several decoration Limited Christmas items. There are limited numbers of these items available. Items include:

Items for Ranch Cash–
Blue Puppet or Green Puppet, both cost 6RC.
“Glue” (Blue) Candy Cane 5RC
Snowman 8RC
Ice Tree 8RC
Santa Claus 10RC
Blue Lantern 5RC

Items for Coins–
Red Puppet costs 20,000 Coins.
Green Candy Cane 10,000 Coins.
Green Lantern 20,000 Coins.


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